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Hair Solutions uses the most gentle, soothing wax for all types of waxing. For body waxing, we recommend to grow hair to the length of a grain of rice, timing of growth is different for everyone. This will give you the best hair removal results to last 4-6 weeks. If you are concerned about any medications reacting with wax, please consult with your doctor. Stop all Retinol, Tretinoin, and tanning bed use 72 hours prior.

Must be off Accutane for six months before receiving any hair removal services.

Upper Body

Eyebrows (from $18)

Chin (from $16)

Lip (from $16)

Eyebrows, Lip, Chin Combo (from $48)

Arm (from $44)

Underarms (from $34)

Nose (from $15)

Back (from $64)

Chest (from $64)

Lower Body

Full Legs- no bikini (from $79)

Half Legs (from $49)

Bikini (from $49)

Teeny Bikini (from $59)

Brazilian (from $77)