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5 Reasons you should be getting regular Pedicures.

5 Reasons You Should be Getting Regular Pedicures

When most people think of pedicures, they don’t view them as necessary, but in reality they have many health benefits;

2) Rejuvenation of the skin

Dry feet can cause many ailments such as calluses and cracked feet. During a pedicure, your feet get treated to exfoliants that remove dead skin and callus’, allowing your moisturizer to be more effective. After a pedicure, you’ll leave the salon with rejuvenatinated skin that feels soft and hydrated

2)Great for circulation

During a pedicure, you experience a relaxing massage. Although this part feels like a luxury, massage actually has health benefits. Massage increases blood circulation, which can help ease and prevent pain caused by poor circulation.

3)Infection Prevention

Regular pedicures are an easy way for a nail technician to spot any fungal infections on the feet. Because our feet are always in shoes, they get fungal infections very easily. Luckily, nail technicians are highly trained and can spot an infection before it spreads

4) Boosted nail health

Another health benefit from pedicures is boosted nail health. Nail technicians are trained on cleaning and caring for nails, getting pedicures leaves your toenails is the best possible condition.

5) Relaxation and Wellness

Pedicures also positively impact your mental health. Luxury pedicures are a relaxing experience, which helps your body ease tension and lower stress. Plus, having clean feet, rejuvenated skin and painted toes helps boost your confidence and makes you feel good!

At Hair Solutions, our nail technicians highly recommend receiving a pedicure once a month to experience and maintain these amazing health benefits.