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All You Need to Know Before Getting Extensions!

Extensions Q & A; All You Need to Know Before Getting Extensions!

Q: Who is a good candidate for extensions?

A: You can get extensions for many reasons. The most common reason is wanting thicker fuller hair, or longer hair. Another great reason to get extensions is to enhance your color, or give you a haircolor your hair might not be able to achieve. An example would be if you're looking to feel blonder but your hair can’t necessarily achieve that desired blonde, adding a few rows of that goal color can create a seamless blend without having to compromise your natural hair. A more customizable option would be if you need to add thickness in only certain spots. For example, if you have a bob but the hair around your face is thin, making your bob undefined. Adding a tape in on each side will create that fullness that is lacking there and give your bob more shape.

Q: What type of extensions does Hair Solutions carry?

A: Hair Solutions carries Aqua Extensions and Babe Extensions, in hand-tied, machine-tied, tape-in, or invisible crown methods.

Q: If I’m interested in getting extensions, how do I start the process at Hair Solutions?

A: Call our front desk team and ask to schedule an extension consultation! This consultation is a 30 minute, complementary service where our certified extensionists can see your hair and consult about extensions to make sure you’d love them! At the end of this consultation, your provider can order your hair and set you up for your installation appointment!

Q: How much maintenance is involved with extensions?

A: Not as much as most people think! Extensions are generally very low maintenance when cared for properly. You’ll need to get your extensions moved up every 6-8 weeks, which is when you’ll most likely need a color refresh anyways!

Q: Can extensions damage my natural hair or make more hair fall out?

A: No! This is a common myth we hear behind the chair, and it is not true. When extensions are installed properly and cared for properly at home, no damage will be done to your natural hair.

Q: Will you be able to see the extension tracks or tell it isn’t my real hair?

A: Our extensions come in a wide range of colors, and can be professionally colored to match your natural hair color exactly before we install. This will create a seamless blend and no one will be able to tell you have extensions in! The tracks are also very natural looking, so they won’t show through your natural hair, even when you wear your hair up!