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AquaFusion Skin Treatment

Have you ever wanted to experience a luxury, relaxing skin treatment, and see noticeable results instantly?! Come experience Hair Solutions newest luxury skin treatment, Aquafusion!

What is Aquafusion?

Aquafusion is a wet to dry microdermabrasion treatment designed with the newest advanced technology. This treatment delivers exfoliation, brightening, tightening, and decongestion using 3 different layers of product and customized diamond tip heads, as well as suction from the machine. This customizable treatment can target all of the following:

  • Deep clean clogged pores for clearer, less breakout prone skin

  • Improve skin smoothness, tone, and texture by removing dead dulling surface cells and debris

  • Boosts skin's ability to absorb key product ingredients

  • Soften and smoothes lines

  • Increase skin hydration for healthy glowing skin

Loyal Guest Testimony, “My skin looked so hydrated and smooth right after and in the days following the treatment!! My makeup looks so much smoother and my skin looks overall healthier.”

Who is it for:

This treatment is recommended for most guests, with the exception of guests with significant acne breakouts or sensitive skin. Our estheticians recommend receiving a signature facial with them prior to scheduling this service to get familiar with your skin and confirm that you are a good candidate to receive the Aquafusion treatment. This treatment takes about an hour and is recommended every 3 to 4 weeks in a series of 4 total treatments.

Ashley (esthetician), “I’m extremely excited to share with my guests all of the benefits that this treatment will give them! This treatment is new and exciting and completely result driven which is a huge part of why I love it!”

Jessica (esthetician), “I love this service because it has amazing benefits with little to no downtime. It’s a step in the right direction if you are wanting smoother and more youthful skin. I love that it helps with large pores, congested skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmented skin. It's definitely a go-to service with immediate results.”