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Guide to Modern Blonding

Did you know, spring and fall are the two most common times for change! In spring, we look forward to warmer weather and blonder hair! Here is your go-to guide for our favorite blonding techniques to achieve your dream color this spring!

One of the most common blonding techniques is highlighting. Highlights are a technique that creates multidimensional streaks of lighter pieces in the hair. Traditionally, highlights start at your root and can be placed to look very bold or very blended and natural. Highlights are a great way to achieve a seamless overall blonde look!

Teasy-lights are another form of a highlighting technique, however it creates completely different results. Teasy-lights are highlights that are teased to create diffusion and softness but still give a similar result. Most teasylights are placed off the scalp to give a blended lived-in look.

Balayage & foilyage are types of application that create customized, natural looking dimension. Balayage and foilyage can be used in combination or stand alone. Balayage is a technique where pieces of the hair are hand painted and customized to each guest! Foilyage is better for a guest who has naturally darker hair and is looking for brighter results. Similar to balayage, foilyage is a customized hand painted technique, but is typically applied more like a teasy-light!

Another common service blondes ask for to create a lived -in look is a root tap and/or root smudge. Both are the same technique, the only difference is that a root smudge goes further down to create more dimension at the root, versus a root tap is only placed within the first half inch to inch of the root to create soft blending and easy growth!