Hair Solutions Acrylic Launch!

Acrylic Nail Launch!

Hair Solutions is now offering Acrylic Nails with our nail tech, Leah! Leah worked so hard to be able to bring this new service to you. Leah furthered her education with 15 hours of one on one classes in order to offer the best service to you. She will be offering full sets, overlays, and fills. We proudly use Young Nails Acrylic system which is MMA free and have circulation at all of our manicure tables.

Full sets:

A full set is an enhancement to the natural nail. Adding an acrylic over tips allows you to add length and strength so your natural nail can grow underneath with full protection.


An overlay is acrylic that is applied over the top of your natural nail without tips. This adds a strength layer to the entire nail, offering protection, so the natural nail can grow strong while maintaining a natural appearance.


A fill is a maintenance service that is necessary to fill in the regrowth of the natural nail. The exposed natural nail will be filled with acrylic and blended with your outgrown acrylic. We recommend reserving this appointment for two or three weeks after your initial appointment. After four weeks, you would need to get a new full set.

Scheduling an appointment:

In order for us to schedule your appointment correctly, please have these answers ready:

-Do you have anything on your nails currently? If so, was it done by us? Leah does not fill other salon provider’s work.

- Are you needing a full set, overlay or fill?

-Have you had acrylics before?

-Would you like nail art?

-Do you need any nails repaired?

We are so excited to offer this new service to our guests. Leah is offering 10% off your first full set through July 31st, 2023 as an introductory price!