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Hair Solutions Wellness Retreat - Part Two

After our wonderful morning session with Dawn we had lunch and then gathered back with Yureesh for our second session, called “Inner Peace, Outer Prosperity”.

Yureesh gave us tips and tricks to manage our day to day lives to help us have inner peace and outer prosperity.

Rise and Shine- How Do You Start Your Day?

Starting off your day right is so important as it sets your tone for the day. Take a few minutes to check in with yourself before the world. Figure out what you need from the day. Start the day with gratitude, as it's proven that being grateful keeps negativity out of our lives. Have an alarm clock station some distance from your bed, and use an actual alarm clock, instead of a phone.

Energy Vampires- How to set great boundaries

. In order to set boundaries, you need to identify your limits, your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional limits. When setting a boundary, you need to consider your environment, and take the emotion out of it.

Daily Debrief–Ending your day

“An idea is only an idea until it makes its way into the physical world.” A daily debrief is a brief journaling at the end of the day to document how the day went.

One of the most memorable moments of the weekend was our group bonfire on the lake. We bonded and got to know each other so much more, there was laughter, there were tears, and there was so much respect for each other. It helped us grow as a team, and it shows in our salon!

Sunday morning, we had an amazing yoga session with Nadin Bailey from Mend in Brookfield. Nadin led us through deep breathing exercises and a beginner’s yoga class. It was the perfect end to the the weekend, as we had worked on how to clear our minds, and now we worked on balancing our bodies. We all left feeling refreshed, connected with ourselves and our teams, and ready to tackle the holiday season!