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Luxury Acidic Bonding Concentrate Treatment

Experience the Acidic Bonding Concentrate Treatment

Have you ever experienced our luxurious Acidic Bonding Concentrate treatment? At Hair Solutions, we truly believe in the power of a deep conditioning treatment. One of our favorites is Redken’s Acidic Bonding Concentrate treatment!

Acidic Bonding Concentrate, or ABC for short, is Redken’s all-in-one solution for some of the most common hair concerns. ABC is for anyone looking to add moisture, strength and restore their hair! The in-salon treatment will give you the most targeted benefits, and with the support of the ABC take-home products you will experience amazing, lasting results. After your in-salon experience you will immediately notice less breakage, less split ends, and overall smoother and shinier hair.

The personalized in-salon treatment transforms your hair in just 5 minutes! The sulfate-free moisture formula adds 3 times more moisture for a replenished and softer hair strand. The protein formula contains essential acids to repair and restore your hair's strength. Lastly, the pH sealing formula is designed to lock all these benefits in while adding instant shine!

Ask your stylist about an Acidic Bonding Concentrate at your next appointment!