Red Light Therapy

What is Red Light Therapty and do I need it?

You might have heard the term red light therapy floating around and wondered “what is Red Light Therapy and do I need it?” Red light therapy is a treatment that uses low level red light wavelengths to penetrate the skin to:

-Increase cellular production, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and promotes youthful skin elasticity.

-Reduce inflammation, which is incredibly healing and can help treat acne.

-Boost collagen production and blood flow, which firms our skin to promote a youthful appearance. Red light therapy is beneficial for all skin types.

At Hair Solutions, we have the Celluma LED Red Light Therapy Light. The Celluma Red Light is a dome that hovers over your face. During your treatment, you will wear protective eye covering. It can be used as a stand alone service called the Celluma Skin Treatment (forty-five minute service), or added onto our Signature Facial, Aquafusion Treatment, Age Smart Facial, Dermplane, or Nano Infusion Treatment. When added onto a treatment, it adds no extra time, but enhances the benefits of the mask.

Our aestheticians, Ashley and Jessica, recommend getting the Celluma Red Light Therapy treatment every four weeks, like you would a facial. The more you use the red light therapy, the more benefits you will see.

Commonly asked Questions:

1)Will RLT (Red Light Therapy) help with acne?

-YES! It reduces inflammation from acne too!

2) Does it have any anti-aging benefits?

-YES! It increases cellular production and boosts collagen production which promotes a youthful appearance.

3) Will it help me lose 10lbs?

-The Celluma RLT light we have is targeted for your face, therefore you will not see any weight loss, but it will help firm the skin and promote youthful skin elasticity!